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Spaying and Neutering


is a procedure known as an Ovariohysterectomy, where the animal’s ovaries and uterus are removed surgically, making them unable to get pregnant.

It is recommended to perform the spay BEFORE their first heat cycle, around 5-6 months of age. Spaying before the first heat eliminates the future risk of mammary cancer in female dogs. Even one heat cycle dramatically increases the risk of them developing mammary cancer. If they are spayed at a later date, this risk increases with every heat cycle the dog undergoes. The spay procedure also increases in risk with every heat cycle, as more blood supply is present around the reproductive organs, causing increase recovery time, and greater risks of complications post-operatively. 

Spaying also will eliminate the risk of something called Pyometra. This is a life-threatening emergency infection of the uterus which can be fatal and involves costly emergency surgery to remove the uterus and can have serious complications post-op.


A neuter is a procedure known as an Orchidectomy, or castration. It involves surgically removing the male reproductive organs (testicles). This helps prevent unwanted medical and behaviour concerns, and decreases risk of reproductive cancer in the future. It is a routine procedure with minimal associated complications.

Neutering can also decrease the unwanted behavior of urine marking and can decrease potential behavioral concerns in dogs and cats that may develop dominance issues and aggression from the extra testosterone in their body once they reach sexual maturity. Neutering also decreases ‘wandering’ behavior in search of a female in heat, which has an added concern of increased risk of wildlife encounters, and being hit by cars in the search or trying to find their way back home.


Spaying and Neutering your dogs and cats is an easy and healthy way to keep your beloved pet safe from reproductive associated medical conditions, completely prevents unwanted pregnancies, and is an easy way to do your part in helping with the ever-growing problem of over-population of animals ending up in shelters.

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