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Adult and Adult Gold

Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans for adult dogs and cats are based around maintaining optimal health through their most active years!

All vaccinations are included in the plan, as well as annual heartworm and tick testing for dogs. Adult wellness plans also include yearly fecal and urine testing, as well as a wellness bloodwork profile to ensure there are no underlying changes in organ function, before they become a problem. These tests also give an excellent baseline for what your pets “normal” values are when they are healthy, so we can track changes over the years to be able to intervene at a much earlier date!

The Adult GOLD Wellness plans include all the benefits of the regular Adult wellness plans, as well as including a comprehensive dentistry! Dental care for pets is something that is something that often gets pushed under the rug, however just as in people, routine cleanings are much more important than you think. The constant accumulation of bacteria and tartar lead to long term oral health and pain issues, as well as the bacteria build up in the mouth has a direct path to your pet’s bloodstream greatly affecting the health of the heart, kidneys and all metabolic systems. Our dentistry’s include a full general anesthetic, IV fluids, pain control medications if needed, full mouth dental radiographs, comprehensive dental examination and cleaning to help remove the damaging tartar and bacteria to improve not only dental health, but health of your entire pet!

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With over 20 years of small animal clinical and emergency medicine and surgery experience, Dr. Brown is passionate about caring for each pet as if they were her own.

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